What is Blogger | Is it a good website to make blogs?

What is Blogger

Blogger is a website created by Google where you can write blogs and share your experience by creating a website and writing articles. Blogger allows you to create a website and write posts, change themes, check stats(website report), earn money, etc. Blogger is mostly used for making blogs and not making websites like e-commerce websites and etc.

Should you choose Blogger?

Blogger is a very useful website as it is very easy to use and set up a blog website. I would use Blogger when I want to share my experience with the whole world like sharing travel experiences, restaurants, cafes, etc. I would not use Blogger if I want to make a website like an e-commerce website, downloading content website, etc. Blogger website is a very simple website where your articles are shown whereas some websites need more detailing like login/sign up, cart, transaction/billing page, etc which Blogger doesn’t provide. If I had to create websites like this I will use WordPress as it allows us to do all these things by using some plugins and themes. We can also write blogs on WordPress but Blogger is much easier and faster than WordPress. If you want to know more about WordPress then you can check this article.

Is Blogger free to use?

Blogger is a google tool and like other tools, it is also free and anyone can use it. You can also create your website at Blogger. You need to buy a domain like www.yourdomain.com or they also provide with yourwebsitetname.blogspot.com for free so you can start your website with 0$.

What are Blogger features?

Blogger offers many features like:-

  • Earn with 0$ startup
  • Write posts/articles
  • Follow newletter
  • Change theme and also import/export themes
  • Edit html and css
  • Check stats and visitor’s info
  • Manage and write comments
  • Create Pages
  • Edit Layout
  • Change meta info
  • Change title and description and tagline
  • Link Google Analytics for more detailed stats
  • Link custom domain
  • Free SSL certicate
  • Invite more authors to write posts and work in a group
  • Change Timestamps
  • Get your website on Google
  • Leave a post in draft
  • And much more…

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